Erased Movie Review

Erased (aka The Expatriate) came out in Belgium and other countries last September  but does not come out in the United States until May 10th of this year. I got a chance to view a screening of this movie late last week. Immediately after I walked out of the screening for Erased, I had already forgotten what I had just watched. This is a completely forgettable movie and I am sure it will be limited in its release in the US and most people will probably be viewing this me on demand or from Redbox.


Directed By: Philipp Stölzl

Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Olga Kurylenko, Liana Liberato

Written By: Arash Amel

Music By: Jeff Danna


“An ex-CIA agent and his estranged daughter are forced on the run when his employers erase all records of his existence, and mark them both for termination as part of a wide-reaching international conspiracy.” –IMDB

The Good

  • The Action: There wasn’t much good that came out of this movie, but there were some pretty unique and well shot action sequences. Erased was produced on a pretty low-budget so the action scenes were primarily low-key and didn’t feature any real big stunts, explosions, etc. This allowed for the action scenes to feel more realistic because the main focus was on the action instead of being detracted from the special effects.

The Bad

  • Lack of Originality: This movie suffers from having really nothing new or original to offer its audience. Everything that happens, we’ve seen before. Ex-CIA agent is forced to return to his past and face the villain(s) who used to be his friends…and thrown in his teenage daughter that doesn’t like him and a Bond girl as the sort of love interest.
  • Aaron Eckhart: Aaron Eckhart is usually turns in good performances on screen like in Thank You for Smoking and The Dark Knight. However, Eckhart plays an ex-CIA agent and his performance was not what you would expect from an actor of his caliber  Part of me believes that Eckhart was trying to carry the movie by himself because he knew he had a weak script and a director that is used to directing foreign films. Not once did I believe that Eckhart’s character was actually an ex-CIA agent. Going in to this movie, I was hoping Eckhart would be able to help carry this movie. Instead, we are left with a performance that is reminiscent of Battle Los Angeles.

Grade: (4/10)


This is about as mediocre of an action-thriller movie that you will find out there. You will most likely be disappointed with Erased. But, if you are fans of Aaron Eckhart or Olga Kurylenko you may find something out of the movie. Good news: the movie is only about 90 mins long, so you won’t be wasting too much of your time.


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