Upside Down Movie Review

If you are looking for a movie that is original and inventive, then Upside Down is your movie. I can honestly say that there has never been a movie quite like this one. Upside Down features two identical worlds that are connected through gravity and the company Transworld. Even if you walk away from this film unsatisfied, you still have to appreciate the world that director Juan Diego Solanas has created. The premise and concept of the film is entirely new and leaves you wanting more films like this.


Directed by: Juan Diego Solanas

Starring: Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst

Written by: Juan Diego Solanas

Music by: Benoît Charest


“Adam and Eden fell in love as teens despite the fact that they live on twinned worlds with gravities that pull in opposite directions. Ten years after a forced separation, Adam sets out on a dangerous quest to reconnect with his love.” -IMDB

The Good:

  • Originality: Like I said before, you have never seen a movie like this before. Recent movies that may come to mind that are similar to this are In Time, Total Recall and City of Ember. All of the aforementioned movies feature distinct worlds and the gap between the rich and the poor. However, none of those movies have inverse matter which makes Upside Down far better than any of those movies.
  • The Visuals: The movie centers around the romance between the two leads, but the real marvel are the visual effects displayed throughout the film. The scenes in which the ‘up talk/interact with the ‘down’ are simply spectacular and feature some fantastic shots.  Instead of wondering how the shots were created and filmed, just sit back and enjoy what you are watching.
  • The Music: After I finished watching the movie, I looked up who did the music (Benoît Charest) and was surprised to find that he has not really composed any mainstream films. However, he does have an Oscar nomination to his name for his work in The Triplets of Belleville. The music really works here and even makes up for lack of chemistry between Sturgess and Dunst at times.

The Bad:

  • The Rules: The gravity has 3 rules:
    1. All matter is pulled by the gravity of the world that it comes from, and not the other.
    2. An object’s weight can be offset by matter from the opposite world (inverse matter).
    3. After some time in contact, matter in contact with inverse matter burns.

Don’t worry I am not ruining the movie for you, because these rules are laid out in a voice over within the first 5 minutes. While these rules may seem simple enough at first glance, they get confusing and cluttered as the movie moves along. You are left trying to memorize and recall the rules from your memory and that distracted from what was actually happening on screen a bit.

  • The Chemistry: Jim Sturgess (Adam) and Kirsten Dunst (Eden) do a fine job acting in this movie. Unfortunately, there is little to no chemistry between the two of them when they share the screen together. Instead of being a great movie, I was left walking away wanting more and only appreciating the movie for the SFX and not the romance.

Grade: 5.5/10


Although Upside Down is not a perfect movie by any means, Juan Diego Solanas does bring a concept that has never been seen before in cinema. That is a hard thing to accomplish in today’s day and time. If you have the chance I would suggest seeing this movie in theaters to fully appreciate the visuals. Upside Down is currently scheduled for a release date on March 15, 2013.


5 thoughts on “Upside Down Movie Review

  1. This is a film definitely on my radar. It has an interesting concept. Good review.

  2. That looks really interesting and different. I look forward to seeing it.

  3. This looks cool; will consider seeing it 🙂

    Also, Jim Sturgess looks like he hasn’t aged a day since the film Across The Universe.

  4. Sounds really interesting! Will definitely try and catch it!
    Thanks for dropping in to my blog. Waiting to hear more on movies from you!

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